The simple, expressive artworks would become bolder and brighter as his career developed, as the artist took time to feel comfortable in his artistic approach.

Early artworks from Van Gogh marked his desire to learn and practice, constantly seeking direction and inspiration. His tough surroundings were reflected in his work which was dark and depressing, often depicting lives of those struggling in society.

As an unsettled Vincent re-located across Europe, his new surroundings would alter his style, bringing in new colour schemes and a greater productivity.

As his mental illness became more and more serious the artist would use his profession as self-treatment, focusing his mind purely on the bright French landscape which has inspired so many artists.

Vincent's life culminated with some extraordinary paintings just before his sad passing. Whilst not appreciated during his own lifetime, Van Gogh paintings have become respected right across the world by academics and mainstream art fans alike.

One significant influence on his work was Japanese art, which he had studied in depth and whose traits can clearly be seen in much of his work.