Van Gogh was a post-impressionist artist who achieved a style that used thick layers of paint and concentrated on brightness rather than precise depictions of reality.

Van Gogh spent much of his life in his native Netherlands struggling through life before art took him into a new period in his life in which he devoted himself entirely to this new passion which helped to distract him from his other problems.

Vincent was sadly an individual who an problems with depression throughout his life and many believe that the mental imbalance which he had was also the inspiration for his unusual painting style that remains highly appreciated today just as much as at any time since his career finished around end of the 19th century. This website features around 30 of his finest oil paintings.

Vincent van Gogh had two clear periods in his artistic development, his earliest being when he had a relatively dark and negative style which was typified by his Potato Eaters classic and concentrated on the difficult lives of the unfortunate within the Netherlands.

It was unfortunately unsuccessful alongside most of his paintings at this time and even his brother Theo was unhappy with Vincent's work to the point of encouraging him to take new directions with his work. The latter stage in the artist's career was inspired by his move to France where the colour of the natural landscape plus the influence of other artists on his work helped Vincent van Gogh move into a far more expressive and positive style.

Van Gogh spent ten years as an artist being exceptionally productive as he found a new passion within his art after moving to France and also realised that his work could distract him from his serious mental issues that had blighted his life and always left himself unhappy and unsettled. Painting was to become an obsession and an addiction, even the same way as alcohol can cover up other problems but always with consequences.

This artist like almost no-other drew attention to the beauty of the French landscape and having lived in dark and depressing regions of the Netherlands for many years, what he came across in France was all the more exciting to him. Only the likes of native born Henri Matisse can truly match Van Gogh for bold use of colour and imaginative ways of capturing the scenes across this charming country.

The life and career of this great painter are covered in full throughout this website which also features and extensive gallery of his most famous paintings too. You will see that this artist experienced one of the most intense and unstable lives of all time, with a good study into the meanings behind Van Gogh's work.

Influences on Vincent van Gogh

Jean-Francois Millet Anton Mauve Claude Monet Honoré Daumier Eugène Delacroix Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Paul Signac Theo van Gogh Impressionism Pointillism Japonisme

Famous Artists Influenced by Vincent van Gogh

Pablo Picasso Henri Matisse Paul Klee Willem de Kooning Paul Gauguin Albert Aurier Camille Pissarro Fauvism Symbolism Expressionism

Red Vineyard at Arles

Red Vineyard at Arles is another fine art work from Van Gogh and allows the artist to fill a great spread of red across the painting which is overpowering and impressive.

The colours chosen here are allowed because of the carefully selected subject which Vincent would have been excited to find, knowing immediately of the opportunity that it brought him to go to town with colour and thick oils.

Starry Night over the Rhone

Starry Night over the Rhone is another work from Van Gogh which features swirling colours and an impressive night scene.

It is possible that this painting was actually created from memory, after the artist had earlier visited the Rhone to view the Starry Night before returning home to his room where he started working on the painting itself.

This version with the scene over the Rhone is somewhat more subtle than his other painting of the Starry Night which featured much more vivid colour and aggressive strokes of paint.

Wheatfield with Crows

Wheatfield with Crows is one of Van Gogh's most famous landscape paintings and came towards the end of his life when despite his mental condition worsening, his painting style actually became more expressive and brighter, contrasting completely to his own mood at that time.

Wheatfield with Crows again brings the colours of the French countryside as Vincent saw them and is an eye into his mind.

Thatched Cottages

Thatched Cottages is a charming but lesser known painting from Vincent van Gogh which we include above in all it's glory. The artist appreciated architecture within the French countryside and also produced some impressive work in his earlier years in the Netherlands too, including several paintings of windmills.

The Thatched Cottages captured here are well within the artist's normal style, but the subject itself is normally highly popular and as such this painting is reguarly chosen as a framed art print.

Skull with Burning Cigarette

Skull with Burning Cigarette is a popular painting with an unusual choice of subject for an artist who normally went for brighter options rather than the slightly negative and even surreal feeling found here.

Many buy reproductions of Skull with Burning Cigarette, perhaps because of it's almost revolutionary undertones which is of particular interest to young people, for example.

Midday Rest

Midday Rest is a charming work from Van Gogh which features a farm worker sleeping amongst some beautiful scenery, and it is sometimes refered to as Midday Rest After Millais.

You can see the painting above and is a marginally lesser known painting from Van Gogh's career than many of the other art works featured within this website.


Landscape paintings are what Van Gogh is best known for and you can see another above, though others such as Wheatfield with Crows and his various cypress-clad ones are all better known and further researched than this one.

Vincent van Gogh found that his careful study of the outdoors was a great way to calm his own mind and also allowed him an opportunity to experiment with his detailed colour combinations and vary the scenes which he covered.


Sower is a powerful painting from Vincent van Gogh which features a beautiful sunset with strong reds that dominates the work and allows all other details to take a relatively lower amount of attention.

Sower is an instantly recognisable work from the artist's career and it retains a considerable level of popularity for those looking to buy Van Gogh art prints, posters and stretched canvases.

Starry Night

Starry Night is a magical art work from Vincent van Gogh which is certainly one of the most popular paintings of all time, from any artist or movement.

It is the swirling night sky which makes this work so memorable and the imagination of the painter is shown vividly in the makeup of this piece.

Vincent van Gogh's Bedroom at Arles

Vincent's Bedroom at Arles is a classic scene which details the personal life of the artist and offers a rare insight into how he lived thanks to this accurate depiction of his bedroom in the house where he stayed in Arles, France.

As well as creating his bedroom on canvas, the artist also gave some of the objects found here their own dedicated work, such as with his chair and also his shoes.


Chair as described above was an a key part of is bedroom scene and as such was later given it's very own painting which allowed the artist to add much more detail to it and also use greater varieties of colour.

In order to add more interest Van Gogh also placed his own smoking pipe with papers and tobacco onto the chair which has naturally drawn much discussion as to quite why he did this. Most mysteries regarding this artist have always remained that way despite the amount of interest in his career.

Almond Branches in Bloom

Almond Branches in Bloom is currently the most purchased reproduction from Van Gogh's career although it was not particularly appreciated by the academics. Flowers within a stylish look are always much loved within the art mainstream and Almond Branches in Bloom is certainly no different.

One interesting aspect to the work is that it shows the artist's appreciation for Japanese art and there were also several other paintings from this period which show clear similarities to and influence from Japanese paintings from previous centuries.

Cafe Terrace at Night

Cafe Terrace is a painting which has brought great attention to a cafe in Arles, France which itself still continues today and has become a mecca for Van Gogh fans who come to France to understand more about his life and career.

Cafe Terrace, it is fair to say, is also highly popular today because of the way that it captures French life, which many look to as aspirational when considering the relaxed and healthy nature of life here.

Van Gogh himself was a great fan of the country and particularly appreciated the colours to be found within the countryside which perfectly suited his new artistic direction.

Night Cafe

Night Cafe is a painting which you can see above and it actually was not produced in the same bar as featured in the Cafe Terrace, which many don't realise.

Night Cafe is another interesting insight into the life of French people during the 19th century. Van Gogh was always an artist who was highly interested in using art to cover the lives of normal people where normally painters had been attracted only to the rich and famous. Van Gogh can fairly be considered a man of the people.


Irises were one of several favoured flowers for Vincent van Gogh who included several versions of this colourful purple plant, both in still life pre-planned paintings as well as within the natural setting of the French countryside.

The art work shown above is certainly the best known of all which included Irises and offers an explosion of colour to match what the artist would have seen at that time, which came about very much towards the end of his life and career.


Sunflowers were the topic of an incredible series of paintings which are now to be found in major art galleries across the world.

Friend to Vincent and fellow artist, Paul Gauguin, decided to buy several of these paintings himself despite not always approving of much of the work from his housemate. They were to decorate the Yellow House in Arles with several from this series.

Vincent's Bedroom

Bedroom again repeated above shows the life which artist Vincent van Gogh was living after moving to France and illustrates how despite his incredible ability it was always relatively hard for the artist just to get by and this is just one example of a creative person struggling for success within their own lifetime.

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry Tree offers a scene where the artist allows an individual tree to take the full attention of the piece. Mulberry Tree is similar to Peach Tree and in both Van Gogh concentrates on the detail of branches as well as the colours found within the bright flowers which sit on them. Flowers and trees were key to Van Gogh's development in France as he set about depicting large parts of the French countryside.

Vincent van Gogh's original paintings are exceptionally popular as reproductions with art fans right around the world and this has been the case for many years, with his expressive and colourful style being adored by contemporary art followers who are more suited to his forward looking style. Despite having a career which was relatively short, Van Gogh was able to create a huge amount of work thanks to his highly productive nature that found painting an ideal antidote to his own mental problems which had dogged him all his life.

Our gallery aims to include all of the best Van Gogh paintings but it is impossible to cover enough of his career in just one page. If you are looking to buy framed or unframed art prints, posters or stretched canvases of his original paintings please use our links which accompany each image and will take you through to our recommended retailer who we have used several times ourselves and thoroughly approve of their high quality products. For those unsure, perhaps just click through and see if anything takes your interest.

Vincent van Gogh was truly inspired by the works of French artists who showed him what can be achieved through the use of colour and how it could lift the mood of the painting as well as the artist who is painting it. For someone who always struggled for personal happiness, Van Gogh would have enjoyed creating such bright works which perfectly fought against his depression and also immediately brought greater attention to his work, having previously struggled to make an impression. French paintings throughout the 19th century were at last leading the way and placing France as the spearhead for European art during this period.

Vincent van Gogh was very close to his brother Theo who ran a successful art gallery and consistently tried without success to promote his brother's work. It seems incredible now that the only work taken from Van Gogh's career was given away as gifts and even the help of a passionate brother was not enough to give Vincent the success which he clearly deserved. It was only many years after his death that his truly contemporary style became accepted and appreciated, not only by the public but also academics as well.

Vincent van Gogh is classified as a post-impressionist painter but the truth is that his work was entirely original and not something which should really be grouped with other artists, however innovative they maybe. To see this painter remain as one of the world's most popular underlines his extreme creativity which was surely due to the imbalance of his mind and the great passion which he developed for painting. This combination can be found in the characters of many other highly successful artists as well, who are normally benefited by a personality which differs itself from normality.

After moving to France Vincent van Gogh eventually ended up living in the Yellow House as in is now known, in Arles. It was here that he spent a lot of time with Paul Gauguin and it was an opportunity for both artists to gain new influences that could help develop them as artists. Gauguin supported an unstable Van Gogh and happily took some of his Sunflowers series in which he immediately saw ability which deserved encouragement. Whilst in Arles Van Gogh also painted the Night Cafe and Cafe Terrace paintings which remain amongst his most notable works and are included within the gallery in the website.

Vincent van Gogh stands out within Dutch art because, traditionally, this country excelled during the earlier centuries with more accepted art styles that were technically impressive but not as groundbreaking as Van Gogh's work was to become. The likes of Vermeer and Van Eyck contributed to the progression of Dutch art and it's most significant moment up to now was certainly the Dutch Golden Age which was the culmination of several generations of artists who had built up art schools within the Netherlands that passed on their abilities to the new generation.

For those who truly appreciate Van Gogh paintings, the best place to visit would have to be the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam which holds a huge collection of his work which will rarely be seen anywhere else in the world. If you are unable to get to Amsterdam to see this great venue, some of his works are also on display in London, UK as well as America which continues to invest in European art whenever it comes available. Perhaps instead of seeing the originals you could buy reproductions instead and add them to your own home?! Try the links throughout this website to skip to the Van Gogh prints gallery.

Paul Signac is a skilled painter who followed in the footsteps of Pointilist artist Georges Seurat who are both known to have influenced Van Gogh in a signficant way. The artist used these dotting techniques several times in his own work and particularly appreciated their skilled understanding of colour which was key to his move towards post-impressionism.

After being heavily influenced himself, Van Gogh was to produce a career which continues to inspire so many today, and nor just artists. Depictions of his work can be found in countless homes across the world whilst there are also many interpretations of his work that can be found within the modern media who tend to be attracted by those who are easily recognisable by the majority of their viewers.

List of Famous Vincent van Gogh Paintings

Please see below for a summarised list of the best Vincent van Gogh paintings that are featured throughout this website.

  • The Night Cafe
  • The Yellow House
  • Falling Autumn Leaves
  • L'allee des Alyscamps
  • Still Life: Vase with Twelve Sunflowers
  • Starry Night Over the Rhone
  • The Starry Night
  • Irises
  • Self-portrait
  • The Caravans Gipsy Camp near Arles
  • Portrait of a Man
  • Milliet Second Lieutenant
  • Paul Gauguin Armchair
  • The Church at Auvers
  • Portrait of Dr. Gachet
  • Thatched Cottages by a Hill
  • Wheat Field with Crows
  • Peasant Woman Against a Background of Wheat
  • Potato Eaters
  • A Wheatfield with Cypresses
  • The Old Mill
  • Sower with Setting Sun
  • Mulberry Tree
  • Vincents Chair with Pipe
  • Moulin de la Galetter
  • Open Bible
  • Postman Joseph Roulin
  • Adeline Ravoux
  • Still Life with Roses and Anemones
  • Gordina de Groot
  • Four Cut Sunflowers
  • Apricot Trees in Blossom
  • Mother Roulin with Her Baby
  • Old Woman of Arles
  • Oise Riverside
  • Houses at Auvers
  • Cypresses