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Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh Sunflowers

Four Cut Sunflowers Van Gogh

Sunflowers Painting Vincent Van Gogh

Van gogh sunflowers is a series of oil paintings produced by Dutch painter Vincent van gogh in the late 19th century which have become respected as some of the finest still life paintings of all time.

They are also his finest depictions of flowers having also successfully covered other varieties such as poppies and daisies.

Paul Gauguin is a famous French artist who became friends with van gogh over a short but important period in their careers. Gauguin respected his friends work with regards the sunflowers series and took several of them himself to add to an art collection which was growing in size by the year.

The sunflower series included similar ensembles of the flower in a carefully selected range of clay pot vases with up to twenty flowers inserted at any one time, always at different angles to add detail and interest to each painting.

In some cases the artist produced closeups of the sunflowers but normally they would be painted from a distance where the canvas could take in the whole scene with vase and a small background behind.

Still life art has been very popular for many years and it Is fair To say That the sunflowers series by van gogh include some of the very best examples of still life art ever made although sadly the artist did not achieve academic acceptance within his own lifetime despite striving for it so intently.

Four Cut Sunflowers Van Gogh. Van gogh is known have selected sunflowers for many of his paintings for several different reasons.

Firstly he felt that the bright yellows complemented his post-impressionist painting style brilliantly and also that they had a natural beauty which his followers would likely appreciate.

Finally, sunflowers were also abundantly available at that time in his life when he was living in various parts of the French countryside.

The huge success and fame of van gogh's sunflowers series has meant that many of them have been bought by some of the most famous art galleries and museums of the world including the national gallery in London, uk. The best place to truly enjoy the career of this artist will always be the van gogh museum in Amsterdam which holds most of his families collection from his career.

Sunflowers painting by Vincent Van Gogh. Van gogh sunflower paintings have become some of the most reproduced of all art works and typically are bought as framed fine art prints or posters. Others prefer stretched canvases which appear more similar to the original whilst some have the budgets for full handmade reproductions with thick oils as van gogh used himself.

All of the links provided in this website offer you high quality prints from the van gogh gallery which boasts a huge collection of his original paintings in a flexible gallery where many different reproduction mediums are available. Having used ourselves we are well aware of their excellent service and are more than happy to recommend them as a result of this.

It is important to remember that close friend Paul Gauguin was slightly snobbish towards most of the work of Vincent van gogh but that he quickly understood the qualities to be found within the sunflowers series which underlines how it was van gogh at his best. Several of them are now amongst the most recognizable paintings in art history.

Vincent van gogh remains one of the most remarkable artists of all time and his work stands out from all others as inspirational and creative to the extreme. We hope you enjoy this site devoted to his sunflower paintings and be sure to check back later when we hope to add even more information in here.

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