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Gogh paintings that you may like to buy online. The famous artist himself is respected around the world and shared his time between his native Holland plus France, where he lived for many years, particularly during his prolific periods of painting.

The career of this great artist offers true variety with different periods in his career which included Japanese art prints, self-portraits and brightly coloured French landscapes. There were also series of works of bar interiors, Vincent's bedroom and also important buildings in his life such as the mental hospital where he was a patient.

It may well be that whilst searching for a print to buy of his work that you discover many other great paintings from his career too, that you didn't know about before! As tastes change you may prefer other works too to those you previously enjoyed. It is worth having several Van Gogh prints around your house as a result.

Theo Van Gogh was the biggest fan at the time of his brother's work and did all he could to promote Vincent's career which sadly was not successful at the time.

It was only after he had passed away, indeed both had passed away, that these paintings grew in stature and popularity as the art market became more open minded and contemporary artists began to find an opportunity. Theo was a relationship that Vincent enjoyed relative success compared to his others.

His daliances with women were normally fraught with ups and downs to the extreme, and always eventual failure. This contributed to the artist's uncontrollable frustrations with life in general as he battled constantly with his own mind.

Vincent has in death transformed from a failed individual with mental problems and social difficulties to become one of the most influential and loved artists of any generation and stands at the top of an impressive list of famous Dutch artists going back centuries and across many different art movements.

His prints are among the most popular bought online currently, even when up against the most modern and contemporary alternatives his work stands up very well.

When considering the attractions of Van Gogh prints, such as the simple detail, bright colours and emotional depiction, we can also recommend other artists that match this approximate taste with the following who are also worth studying.

Indeed, the works of both would fill well together in most cases in the same room. See a list of complentary artists to Vincent Van Gogh below:

  • Edvard Munch
  • Marc Chagall
  • Henri Matisse
  • Diego Rivera
  • Paul Gauguin